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How to setup Galahad

There are two procedures here. The first one is easier and has worked for some people. The second one is a little less straightforward, and has worked for other people. Thanks to Microsoft and Visual Basic (which is what Jean Vanwaterschoot used to write Galahad), neither can be guaranteed to work.

You must have already created and had validated your Noise Level Zero account before setting up Galahad.

John Ralls's Procedure

Download the following files:

Run ghadv130.exe into a clean temporary directory to extract the files.

Switch to the temporary directory and run setup.exe, specifying at the appropriate place where you want to actually install Galahad. This should be a clean directory, not the one you used for BIX.

Unzip and into the *install* (not the temporary!) directory.

Configure galahad:

Start BSQUIRE (the BIX-with-a-lightning-bolt button). Enter the userid and password for Noise Level Zero into the dialog box.

In BSQUIRE select the config menu and Access method.... Select Internet and enter "" into the box to the right of the radio button. Select OK.

Select the configure menu again and select email. Select the Proprietary BIX item.

Check the Conference and Email check boxes on the main BSQUIRE dialog box and uncheck the rest. Configure any other BSQUIRE items as you please.

Try running BSQUIRE against Noise Level Zero.

Joe Pistritto's Procedure

Q:Joe, would you summarize and post the steps you ran though to get Galahad to run properly?

A: Actually it was pretty easy.

To create an entirely new Galahad environment:

  1. I decompressed the Galahad 2004 distribution file into a new directory.
  2. I then decompressed the "" file into the same directory. (because I had this file laying around, I wasn't positive galahad used it but I did it anyway...)[ NOTE: Galahad does use it. ]
    Then I ran Galahad.exe.
  3. It complained about one missing dll, SETUPKIT.DLL. So I went and found that in my old Galahad directory for BIX and copied it over.
    Then Galahad ran ok and went into the "how do I connect to bix" dialog. At that point I changed the "internet" setting from "" to "", specified my nlzero username and password (set up in an interactive telnet session) and away we went. It went online and off at NLZ with no problems at that point.
  4. To join conferences, I went to the Bix icon and did a List menu "Update" operation, went on line and grabbed a list of conferences.
  5. At that point everything worked except I had the mimetype problem. I'm not sure whether that's fixed yet but jralls sent me a piece of email, which apparently "fixed" my account so parsing of the downloaded scratchpads would work. Then it worked perfectly--I could post and download etc.
  6. Create a shortcut to the Galahad.exe file in the directory and put it wherever you want. Clicking that starts Galahad. You can modify the shortcut in windows to stick command line arguments in if you use them.

So the 3 files I used are:

With those 3 files you should be able to construct a completely working Galahad directory from scratch. (Which I wanted to do to avoid having any junk in the directory.)

See you there,

A Couple More Files You Might Need...

Depending on what version of MS Windows™ you have, you might also need these:

Galahad Tips:

  • Galahad sometimes, for some users, will hang after completing the zmodem download. Pressing [RETURN] repeatedly (usually takes from 1 to 3 presses) at 2 or 3 second intervals will get it back in synch with tcosy and allow it to finish the session.
  • You can set Galahad to start the program which talks to NLZ (called BSQUIRE) without prompting for a password by adding the following line to the [General] section of your galahad.ini file:
    • BSQUIRE:/s/p:yourpassword

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