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Accessing the Service

There are several ways to read and post to discussions on Noise Level Zero:

  • The most frequently used is to run the "telnet" program to host You can either type "nlz" at the login prompt or just type your userid. (See Joining if you don't already have one.) We have a telnet java applet here that will take you in if you prefer not to run one directly on your system.
  • If you prefer and have the required software, you can use the secure shell protocol (ssh) to the same host address. You must enter "nlz" at the login prompt when coming in by ssh.
  • If you are a net News user, you might want to try our News interface; just add to your newsreader's newshost list. You will have to authenticate with your userid and password to retrieve listings or messages. Be sure to join system_news.bulletins_old to make sure that you see noticesand remember to check in by telnet periodically; our mail system is not available by POP or IMAP.
  • There are several off line reader programs available; ask in the conference associated with your favorite operating system for recommendations. If you run one of the Microsoft Windows® systems a popular choice is Galahad

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