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Our Privacy Policy

We don't sell data, and we don't use cookies. Our service is supported entirely by subscriptions. We have better uses of our time than to snoop around in other people's business. We will divulge your personal information only in response to a subpoena or warrant issued according to US law.

We do collect a minimal amount of data about you (Name, address, and email), when you subscribe primarily so that we have an outside way of reminding you when it's time to renew. You can view and modify this information from the "Member Services" pages on this website.

If you use our service, your postings to conferences are available for all other subscribers to see. That's kind of the point. You can "withdraw" a posting, which will hide it from other subscribers, but system administrators will still be able to read it. The 10 most recent postings in each topic are published via the web with userids scrubbed. These are visible to anyone.

If you use email, all emails, both sent and received, are retained on the system for a long time. These are accessible to system administrators. There is no way for you to delete them.

If you are a subscriber, there is a Resume on the system. You may edit it as you please. It will be retained and be visible to all subscribers

If you decide to pay us by credit card we collect your credit card number and expiration date. We pass this immediately on to our credit card processor, taking care not to lgo it in the transaction logs. It is not retained on our site. Our Credit Card Processor (Verisign) retains more extensive data for at least a year, and we are able to view it through their secure website. We believe that it is illegal for them to make any use of it.)

If you decide to pay us by PayPal we pass you on to PayPal's website for them to collect the relevent data. We don't participate in that transaction at all.

If you decide to pay us by check or money order we collect no addtional data. There are a few subscribers who use this payment method for this reason.

All page accesses are logged by IP address by our webserver software. thes logs are automatically purged after 4 weeks. We use this data only for troubleshooting.

All CGI program transactions are logged, with the data provided by any forms (except credit card data). This data is retained for 4 weeks and is used only for troubleshooting.

All completed credit card transactions are logged, with the userid, transaction number, date, and time. This is used to help resolve any payment problems which might arise.

All subscriber activity in the system is logged for troubleshooting purposes. Your topic lists are visible to system administrators.

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