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Welcome to the Noise Level Zero Conferencing Service

Here you will meet people who will be your friends for life. Our members have diverse interests, but above all enjoy intelligent conversation that is free of gratuitous flame fests, trolls, and the usual spam.

If you are looking for information you can find it here. If you want to talk about PCs, databases, cars, airplanes, politics in Croatia, or almost anything imaginable you will find people here that share your interest. If you just want a rambling chat to pass the time, or want to complain about the results of the latest election, we have places to talk about that and members that will be delighted to join the discussion. You may even be able to get a good argument going on one of these subjects. But our Moderators will see that the argument doesn't turn into flames and name-calling.

Noise Level Zero is a text-based threaded and moderated conferencing system similar to BIX (originally the Byte Information eXchange), CIX, and JIX. It is not terribly different from countless other systems like The WELL, Compuserve, Genie, and Delphi. There are many conferences (and more being added daily) covering topics that have been popular on other services for years. Once you have registered as a user, you will be able to join in dozens of discussions over a wide range of topics.

A word about our name, Noise Level Zero, and our Moderators:  What sets us apart from Usenet and Internet Newsgroups is that we have volunteer moderators in every conference. They keep discussions moving and on topic. They're also there to keep discussions from turning into fights and flames. Thus Noise Level Zero. We attempt to keep the noise at an absolute minimum and the useful content at a maximum.

If all of this interests you, why not take a look around? Following the links all of the way will show you the last 10 messages in any open topic on the service -- but with user's names hidden so that their email addresses won't be exposed to spammers. Oh yes, we have email. You can use it just between other service users or you can enable it to receive mail from the internet.

Noise Level Zero is funded through subscriptions, not advertising. We're not in it for the money, so you won't be bombarded with advertising. We only collect the minimum amount of information to identify you and bill you, and we promise to never share that information with anyone unless ordered to do so by a competent Court of Law.

Here is our subscription agreement which will tell you about our obligations to you and your obligations to other members. Noise Level Zero is a subscription service .

If you're interested in joining our community, get started here.

Members will find renewal information on our Member Services page.

If you have a question or a problem with the service or this web page, here is how to contact us

Microsoft Windows® users who want to try an off-line reader should take a look at Galahad.

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